Favorite Audio

Project 26 ~ 26 (Clocksto Video Game Song
Project 26 ~ 16 (Voices) Video Game Song
FFVII Thought-Holding Hearts Video Game Song
Gerudo Valley (Metalized) Heavy Metal Song
Blood Dragon Supremacy Heavy Metal Song
Bolero of Fire (Metalized) Heavy Metal Song
Nocturne of Shadows (Metal) Heavy Metal Song
Stone Tower Temple (Metal) Heavy Metal Song
Crazy Motorcycle Chase (FFVII) Heavy Metal Song
Mako Reactor (Metalized) Heavy Metal Song
Volvagia's Theme (Metal) Heavy Metal Song
Those Chosen by the Planet Heavy Metal Song
Hurry! (FFVII) Heavy Metal Song
Forest Temple Music Heavy Metal Song
Troll Dance Drum N Bass Song
Fighting (FF7 Cover) Heavy Metal Song
Project 26 ~ 15 (Strife) Video Game Song
Project 26 ~ 1 (Your Stor Video Game Song
GaMetal-Final Fantasy 8 Battle Video Game Song
LttP Hyrule Castle (GaMetal) Video Game Song
S-e-p-h-i-r-o-t-h! Perfect: Se Video Game Song
Nighttime Ambience Ambient Song
Ice Crystals Ambient Song
Desert of Glass and Ice Ambient Song
Haagen's Wharf Ambient Song
Pink glasses Industrial Song
The Evening Has Ended Industrial Song
What It Feels Like To... Industrial Song
Belly Full of Sand Industrial Song
SSJ3 - Fairy Fountain Video Game Loop
Mashed By Machinery Industrial Loop
Paragon Industrial Song
Distraught Subconscience Industrial Song
A Note Left Behind Classical Song
SSJ3 - Endless Confrontation Miscellaneous Song
Theme of Melancholy Miscellaneous Song
-Swampland- Miscellaneous Song
((Torture)) Ambient Song
Waves of Oblivion Ambient Song
Ectso - Dark Dreams Ambient Song
-Ambience of Space (Light)- Ambient Song
Binary Rain Ambient Song
The Voice of the Rain Ambient Song
Some Things Are Universal Ambient Song