Entry #3

It's so... quiet.

2012-10-14 20:39:35 by chocosoda

Is anybody even here? Hello? Maybe I should tap on the monitor a couple more times.

Oh shit, red light's on. You can all hear this. Okay, let's get started.

So I haven't been on in quite some time, mostly due to computer restraints. All of my equipment for recording is at my band's practice studio, my one active computing system is currently my Droid X2, and I've found myself Homestuck.

Which means I've been doing pretty much nothing but living, breathing, reading, listening to Homestuck.

What this means for you NewGroundsers (NewGroundsians? NewGroundsans?) is that anything I put up from here on out will be Homestuck music. Mostly.

Speaking of, the good folks over at What Pumpkin (the store inside of MSPA, the site I just linked you to) ran a contest last year for fan music to be entered into their catalog, and Joshy676 and myself got in with CLOCKSTOPPER! You can hear the low-quality track here on NG or here on BandCamp (as well as the rest of the 64-track double album!).

Better than that, a few months back several musicians from the colours & Mayhem session got together with me and collab'd a piece that appeared on their 9th canonical album called DOGFIGHT. I play bass, one half of the rhythm guitars, and a segment of the lead at the end!

We're busy concocting something for Vol. 10, and I've got some Homestuck mixes of my own on the way that will be hosted here (and on my SoundCloud). If you are familiar with some of the tunes, this is will be -EXCITING N--EWS FOR YOU GLUB GLUB; if you aren't, prepare for an onslaught of progressive metal meets shoegaze meets stoner rock. It's gonna be fantastic!

Now how do I turn off this damn recor--


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2012-10-14 20:57:15

Stoner rock... + Metal = Angel Dust?

chocosoda responds:

More like Down + Porcupine Tree.